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The official site alerts us today of a new apparel collection from designer Heroes & Villains that features artwork from The Mandalorian Disney+ series. The items are scheduled to go up for sale on Wednesday of this week (March 11). Check out the intro to’s article copied below and be sure to visit the Heroes & Villains website on Wednesday to place your order.

The world of Westerns — a lawless land on the edge of civilization where the fastest gunslinger wins the day — and the galaxy far, far away have always intrigued Doug Johnson, the creative director for Heroes & Villains. Now in the brand’s latest collection, that classic iconography meets The Mandalorian in a new line of T-shirts from Heroes & Villains designed as an homage to Spaghetti Western poster art.

Dianna Bates

Residing in New York, Dianna Bates shares the same deep love for the GFFA as her husband Justin LaSalata. In addition to posting news articles on our website, Dianna assists with providing photographs from various conventions and Star Wars-related events including NY Comic Con, “Force Friday” and others.

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