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With Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (Halo: CEA) finally launching on PC earlier this month as part of the Halo: Master Chief Collection, developer 343 Industries has deployed a new update that adds features and resolves issues. But while the patch notes–which you can check out below–may seem small, the update is actually pretty big on Xbox One.

When initiating the update, 60 GB of hard drive space will be allocated to the game. Steam users need only a couple hundred megabytes to install the latest update.

The big draw of this patch, though, is the audio. After the update installs, an option in the “Settings” menu should appear that will let you switch between the original Combat Evolved and Combat Evolved Anniversary audio in multiplayer. This is an exciting upgrade for long-time Halo fans who want to hear the original audio.

In addition to the new audio options, Halo: CEA will receive a new spartan customization 3D model viewer, an updated background menu video, and more. The update also resolves a number of community issues, including stabilizing the game, repositioning the HUD, reducing the respawn sound effects in Halo: CE, and more.

Ful Halo: MCC Update Details (March 6)

File Size

  • Microsoft Store/Xbox Game Pass for PC: 1.79 GB update
  • Steam: 306.0 MB update
  • Xbox One: 58.95 GB update

Halo: CEA New Features

  • New spartan customization 3D model viewer for H: CEA
  • A new option in your settings to toggle between either the classic Halo: Combat Evolved (H: CE) multiplayer audio or updated H: CEA audio when playing multiplayer
  • The main menu background video has been updated to celebrate H: CEA joining MCC on PC.
  • Additional Competitive and Social matchmaking options for H: CEA.

Halo: CEA Resolved Community Issues

  • Improved game stability resolving several crashes.
  • Player became invisible in a Ghost by boarding the vehicle while entering a teleporter.
  • HUD positioning better reflects legacy.
  • Respawn beep sound effects have a lower pitch than in legacy Halo: CE.
  • Multiple remastered sound effects playing in H: CE multiplayer when set to “Classic.”
  • Added ability to set primary and secondary weapon in custom games.
  • Sometimes controller vibration continues when pausing the title.
  • Player name appearing during camouflaged states better reflects legacy.
  • Plasma projectiles from Type-25 Spirit are now aligned with the turrets.

In other Halo news, 343 is still working on the upcoming Halo Infinite, which is expected to arrive alongside the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X this holiday season. The game will also join Xbox Game Pass’ vault, meaning subscribers playing on either the current Xbox One series of systems or the forthcoming X Series X can pick it up. So don’t worry, as Halo Infinite isn’t exclusive to the Xbox Series X.

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