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Be aware: This submit incorporates spoilers for Last Fantasy 7 Remake–specifically Chapter 14 and earlier than. If you have not made it by means of that part of the sport, we advise you achieve this earlier than studying additional.

At a number of factors throughout Final Fantasy 7 Remake, your actions affect the story. It could be a cutscene that is dependent in your efficiency, like in Chapter 4, or one which takes into consideration your selections, like in Chapter 9. However the greatest factor that is affected by your selections is in Chapter 14–a second known as “Decision” within the rundown of the principle situation.

In contrast to most different moments you’ll be able to change, Decision takes an entire bunch of issues into consideration from all through the sport to resolve which of three totally different scenes performs throughout your model of FF7 Remake’s story. It stacks up selections from Chapter 3 and Chapter 8, and seemingly takes into consideration issues from Chapter 2, Chapter 9, and Chapter 10, as properly. However we have found out have an effect on the selection that will help you try all three attainable scenes–read on to see what selections to make and when to unlock every one.

Decision Is About How You Deal with Different Characters

The Decision scene recollects a scene from the unique Last Fantasy 7 within the Gold Saucer, the place your dialogue selections all through the sport throughout that time dictated who confirmed up for a date scene with Cloud. The scene may function Tifa or Aerith relying on who you’d proven extra favor to, however should you’d reacted in a sure approach to each of them, you could possibly get Barret to point out up as a substitute.

Chapter 14 is comparable in that it focuses on both Tifa, Aerith, or Barret, relying on how you’ve got handled Tifa and Aerith all through the sport. It is price noting that the Decision is not a date, however it’s a highly effective story second for every of the three characters. In reality, it is price taking the time to see all three.

It appears crucial contributing issue to the ending scene is side-quests. There are six side-quests you are able to do with Tifa in Chapter three and 6 extra with Aerith in Chapter eight, and the way a lot time you set in throughout these moments straight impacts which scene you get. In the event you do all of the side-quests in each chapters, it appears the sport takes different selections into consideration, and we’re not precisely positive simply how a lot of an element these different selections are. The next information will rundown verified methods of accessing every of the three scenes, however chances are you’ll find yourself with one of many three by taking a unique strategy on some steps than what we have right here.

How To Get Tifa’s Scene

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Most Necessary

  • Full the entire Chapter three side-quests and the “Discovery: Alone At Final” scene

These appear to be the 2 greatest components for getting Tifa’s scene in Chapter 14. Put the time in with Tifa (and put in much less time with Aerith) to ensure getting Tifa’s scenes.

Different Contributors

  • Assist Tifa up at first of Chapter 10

This appears to be the only greatest alternative you can also make between Tifa and Aerith, so be sure you decide the lady whose scene you are searching for.

  • Settle for Tifa’s drink in Chapter three
  • Describe Tifa as being in nice form to Chocobo Sam in Chapter 9
  • Decide aloof or adverse choices in Aerith dialogue in Chapter 2 and Chapter 9 (flip down her flower and inform her it is silly, say it does not matter what Cloud thinks about her outfit)

How To Get Aerith’s Scene

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Most Necessary

  • Full the entire Chapter eight side-quests

As with Tifa, spending numerous time with Aerith in Chapter eight appears to be the large setup for her scene in Chapter 14. You will additionally need to make pro-Aerith selections, nonetheless.

Different Contributors

  • Assist Aerith up at first of Chapter 10

Selecting Aerith over Tifa will assist push Aerith excessive should you’ve performed all of the side-quests to this point.

  • Ask Aerith “how a lot” for the flower in Chapter 2
  • Do not say “What does it matter what I believe?” to Aerith when she asks how her outfit appears in Chapter 9
  • Decide aloof or adverse choices in Tifa dialogue in Chapter three and Chapter 9 (flip down her drink, inform Chocobo Sam that Tifa is nice at bookkeeping)

How To Get Barret’s Scene

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Most Necessary

  • Skip all side-quests in Chapter three and Chapter eight

You will must push by means of just a few occasions in each chapters with a view to advance. In Chapter three, meaning finishing the Scrap Boulevard occasion after which speaking to Wymer, however not doing any side-quests after that. In Chapter eight, save the lacking children within the Children’ Hideout, however do not do something after speaking to Oates the second time.

As an alternative of doing the side-quests in Chapter three, go on to Seventh Heaven, end the scene with Johnny and the Shinra troops, after which go to the bar to advance by means of the remainder of the chapter. In Chapter eight, go away the Children’ Hideout and go straight to Aerith’s home. Full the Impolite boss combat, then proceed to Aerith’s home to advance the chapter.

Different Contributors

  • Be adverse to Aerith
    • Flip down her flower and say that it is silly in Chapter 2
    • Say that it does not matter what you consider her outfit in Chapter 9
  • Be adverse to Tifa
    • Flip down her drink in Chapter three
    • Describe her as “good at bookkeeping” in Chapter 9
  • Be pro-Avalanche

There are just a few moments if you get dialogue choices with Jessie (the top of Chapter four) and Biggs (Chapter 12) which may contribute to Barret’s scene. We’re undecided, however we speculate that selecting choices that present you as within the Avalanche squad’s well-being will depend towards Barret’s scene. We received this scene by skipping all Chapter three and Chapter eight side-quests and being adverse to each Tifa and Aerith, although, so interactions with the Avalanche characters could solely contribute if you’ve made different pro-Tifa and pro-Aerith selections.

It is price noting that it does not matter who you decide in Chapter 10 should you’ve skipped the side-quests in Chapter three and Chapter eight. You possibly can’t progress in Chapter 10 with out selecting somebody, however the influence of that alternative should not be sufficient to sway you from seeing Barret’s scene.

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