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Tatooine Instances have interviewed prequel trilogy stunt co-ordinator, Nic Gillard and requested him about his time engaged on these motion pictures.

The prequel trilogy was the quintessential for lightsaber duels. Because the Jedi Order was at a major stage and comprised 1000’s of members—each with distinctive traits—it was essential for visible storytelling to replicate their mastery with the traditional weapons. Nick Gillard—stunt coordinator and swordmaster for The Phantom Menace, Assault of the Clones, and in the end Revenge of the Sith—crafted a wide range of types to match the physicality of the actors portraying the legendary warriors with out dictating any strict guidelines which are usually frequent in swordsmanship.

“I wasn’t going to try to match or pressure one model to everyone … it was decided by what form they had been, how they moved and their persona,” Gillard stated.

Over the course of the three motion pictures, Gillard established sturdy relationships with the actors, particularly with Hayden Christensen, who performed the a part of Anakin Skywalker within the final two installments of the prequel trilogy. Gillard turned a mentor and a buddy to Christensen—simply as Obi-Wan was to Anakin.

“Hayden is an unimaginable younger man. We had been collectively on a regular basis, via thick and skinny, anger and tears, tantrums and all the things,” Gillard shared. “[Hayden] lives by a sure algorithm that he’s snug with. He sees issues in a short time, so you may’t make it straightforward for him.”

It’s a tricky spot to be the principle protagonist of such an enormous blockbuster film—being so younger. Hayden Christensen put his coronary heart and soul in portraying Anakin, projecting actual life emotional experiences onto the film. The scene in Revenge of the Sith the place Anakin is trying via the window, ruminating in regards to the darkish facet inside him as tears drop down his cheek is an announcement of his emotional attachment to the position.

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Steve Galloway

Steve was 5 years previous when he noticed Star Wars for the primary time throughout its first UK cinema launch. He considers himself a primary era Star Wars fan and in his personal phrases is a ‘Youngster of 77’.

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